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Dog & Cat, LLC
Training & Behavior Modification
Eugene, OR
[p] 541.357.7387 (PETS)
[e] info@dogandcat.org


Dog & Cat, Training & Behavior Modification is located in Eugene, OR. Dog & Cat, LLC was established by Jennifer Biglan who is a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner and Certified Professional Dog Trainer with over 13 years of training experience. We provide private in home training, dog walking, board and training, home schooling, behavior consultations, group classes, and puppy classes in Eugene and Springfield.

Does your dog jump up on you and visitors, dig up the yard, take you for walks, or chase your cats? Is your dog a shrinking violet, too afraid to leave the house, or does he have separation anxiety problems and won't let you leave home without destroying anything and everything in site? Or maybe your dog just needs some basic training? If so, you've come to the right place to learn how to communicate with and train your dog in a way that's effective and fun for both you and the dog! Training your dog to walk on a loose leash, not jump up on visitors, to come when you call them, and relax will help you enjoy the benefits of living with a canine companion again!

Does your cat scratch the furniture, use everything but the litter box for his/her bathroom, fight with the other cats in the house or outside the house, or bite or scratch you when you pet him/her? Or would you just like your precious kitty to learn a cute trick like how to wave bye bye?

Contact Dog & Cat to find out how you and your pets can live happily ever after!


Group classes start in September!

E-mail: info@dogandcat.org or
call 541-357-PETS (7387)